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My name is Sushi. It's short for Sushmita. I don't actually like sushi at all. In fact I hate fish. I also hate country music. But I love this country.

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Friday, August 7, 2009


I believe that the name "Justin" has to be one of the hottest names ever created. Apparently, it was derived from the name Iustinus, which was derived from the word Justus. No, I'm not obsessed, bitches. It's just such a hot name.

And all (well, most) of the Justins I've heard of are drop-dead gorgeous. Here's a flavor:

Justin Bartha
Justin Baldoni
Justin Timberlake
Justin Chatwin
Justin Long

You see, names are so important in life. You can be super ugly but have the sexiest name alive and still have friends, just so they can go "yeah I've got a friend and his name is Justin" and strangers can automatically think you're hot. If you're hot and your name is Justin - well you've got it really easy in life. You do. Trust me.

The name Justin is such a turn on. Compare Justin to, like, Robert. Sorry, Roberts of the world. You could be an ultra-hottie, but the name Robert is just not as compelling as Justin is. It wouldn't stick with me. Names like Justin, Charlie, Elijah (my 3 favorite names in the world) stick with you. They've got this ring to it that makes you go "oh hot damn."

My name (Sushi), for example, sticks with people for some reason. Hell, I'm no Megan Fox (rawr). But people remember me just because my name is Sushi. Apparently not too many people are named after Japanese cuisine.

So if your name is like Tempura, then hit me up because it's apparently a very small world.

Hit me up if your name is Justin too. I just stroked your ego like nobody's business, and I think I earned your number.

Nahh, just playing.

I think I've made my point.

The Sushi you can't eat

PS. Song of the day: After Tonight by Justin Nozuka (except he's not hot.)


  1. I absolutely agree. Names do leave an impression about people. I mean, if someone told me their friend's name was Bob, I would imagine Bob as an average person. Isn't that sad that we judge people right when we hear their name?

  2. Justin and Charlie are sort of hot names, but Elijah? as in The Prophet? Not on your life. I think Max is a pretty sexy name. Also, a sexy but somewhat whorish name is Trey. Although please do net let this reflect on the Trey we know, he's an exception... -______-


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